LU.BO. in the heart of Tuscany

Our billiard tables are the result of long experience and passion in this area, and we’ve been producing these wonderful items for over 30 years, taking advantage of master craftsmen, as well as high-precision machines for the processes of adjustment, with the excellent result that the finished product is able to satisfy the professional needs of experienced players.

Over the years we have managed to keep alive the tradition of the pool designed and created to become not only a decorative filler, but also a prestigious part of the furniture that can enhance any environment where you decide to place it. It is precisely for this reason that for our billiards there is no mass production, but the creation of a single custom object to the environment and tastes of the people who own it. Timeless objects, for last. This has enabled our billiards into the most beautiful homes, giving prestige to the environment and the memory of one of the most beautiful and oldest games in the world.

These wonderful objects speak of a fascination of the past, talk of art and awaken the love of home, and the pleasure of living in an atmosphere full of feelings.







Enthusiasm straight from the heart

Our billiard tables are manufactured entirely within our company. The types of wood are mainly used solid walnut and beech-wood aged 5 years, but on request we can also use other types of wood. The frames are made using a system of anchors and, where necessary, using an ecological water-based glue, equally effective because assisted by long hot-pressing.

The plans, five plates for each pool are made of stone of slate mm.50 thick and, on request, fully heated. The heating system is accomplished by creating small channels in the stone of which will be housed in the network of heating wires connected to a manual thermostat, which can bring the plans up to a temperature of 40 degrees. This arrangement is particularly pleasing to professional players, as it increases twice the scrolling speed of the balls on the table, thus facilitating and improving the geometry of the game.

The clothes used are in worsted pure wool which is fixed on the slate by small steel nails, avoiding completely the use of toxic glues. The assembly is perhaps the most delicate operation, since it determines the resulting quality of the game, just based on the perfection of the floor level and balance of the banks to stop. Our billiards, like all things made to last, are very heavy objects, in fact, the slate top weighs 900 kgs and the entire pool weighs about 1500 kgs.

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